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Keto Wine

The Keto trend just welcomed a new option. Welcome to the world of Keto wine. Low-sugar, keto, and paleo diets have recently increased in popularity, and with them, the demand for wines that can fit into these diets has also…

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Fasting Meal Plan

Fasting? Here are some meal suggestions to follow during your feasting hours! So, you’ve started fasting and want to maintain a healthy diet during your feasting hours. The key is not to eat without limit during that time, but to…

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Ketones & Fasting: A 72-Hour Self-Experiment

Dr. Al Danenberg, a nutritional periodontist fighting his battle against cancer, shares his powerful, personal experience with water fasting. Dr. Danenberg was diagnosed with incurable bone marrow cancer in 2018. During his cancer journey, he conducts a monthly 72-hour water…

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