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Get one year of Cronometer® Gold free when you purchase a Biosense Ketone Monitor Today

*Use code CRONOMETER at checkout.

Get Next-Level Results With the #1 Nutrition Tracking App + The Leading Breath Ketone Monitor

Cronometer is the best companion app to help track your progress and make any required tweaks. Built-in Keto settings make it easy to stay on track and analyze results!

Combine this with the patented deep lung sampling technology behind Biosense® breath ketone monitor, with all day feedback on your state of ketosis and fat burning and you’ll truly know the impact of your nutrition and lifestyle on your health and weight-loss goals.

Get one year of Cronometer® Gold free when you purchase a Biosense® device, and have all the tools you need to get results — fast.

Get Biosense® + Cronometer® Gold Now

*Offer valid for new Cronometer® Gold subscriptions only. May not be applied to existing Cronometer® Gold subscriptions.
**You will receive a code for a free year of Cronometer® Gold within 24 hours of purchase.

How Cronometer® & Biosense® Work Together

  • Measure breath ketones throughout the day with the Biosense® device and sync to the Biosense® mobile app
  • Link your Biosense® and Cronometer® accounts using the Cronometer® app settings. Your Biosense® readings will then be automatically imported into the Cronometer® app.
  • View hourly and daily ketone trends in relation to your diet, exercise, sleep and more
  • Tweak your nutrition, workouts and sleep to improve specific health and weight-loss results

Recommended by Metabolic Experts

Breath Ketone
Monitoring System

Bluetooth-enabled BIOSENSE Device with unlimited testing, micro USB charging cable, and protective sleeve.

*Use code CRONOMETER to get one year of Cronometer® Gold free
when you purchase a device.

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