Take the guesswork out of keto

The First Clinically Backed Breath Ketone Monitor

Reveal your total ketosis journey with a simple, completely non-invasive, and highly accurate breath test.

what in a breath
biosense device

No more finger pricks or urine sticks

Unlimited Ketone Testing

Quick ketosis feedback directly on the device.
Precise, high-resolution measurements on a 0-40 scale, from light to advanced to deep ketosis.

True, total fat burn over time


Ketone levels can change significantly within just a few hours, depending on food, exercise, sleep and other factors.
Only BIOSENSE™ provides a full daily picture of your time and depth in ketosis, so you can see your true, total fat burn over time.

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Anytime, anywhere Unlimited Testing

Stores measurements and uploads automatically

Test Anytime,

View your ketone levels anywhere you go, and test as often as you like.

BIOSENSE™ stores up to 100 measurements directly on the device and automatically updates your trends and goal when it connects to your phone.

Discover your journey now