The ONLY Clinically Backed Breath Ketone Monitor

BIOSENSE® Breath Ketone Monitor & Mobile App

  • Bluetooth enabled BIOSENSE® Device with unlimited testing
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • 2 Replacement Mouthpieces
  • Free app with personalized ketone data and goal tracking
  • Protective neoprene sleeve
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Measuring ketone production can be a pain. I’ve recently been testing a new device called BIOSENSE® that will change this. It’s a scientifically validated, highly accurate breath ketone monitor that makes it easy to test your ketones throughout the day. I’m now recommending it to all of my patients that are fasting or doing ketogenic diets, and I’m using it myself. Check it out!
Chris Kresser, M.S., L.Ac.
The Kresser Institute
Measuring your ketones can help you do more than determine whether or not you’re in nutritional ketosis. One of the easiest ways to measure ketones is by using a ketone breathalyzer. The Biosense breath ketone monitoring system is the only clinically-backed breath ketone monitor. This device provides you with an easy and accurate way to determine whether or not you are in a state of nutritional ketosis while intermittent fasting or following a ketogenic diet.
Megan Ramos
The Fasting Method
The BIOSENSE® breath ketone meter has been an absolute game changer for me and my obsession with monitoring health data. The device is super simple to use, minimally invasive, and all of your data gets stored in an app that allows you to view your breath ketone trends over time. BIOSENSE® has allowed me to very easily test my ketone levels throughout the day without having to prick my finger or pee on a stick. Every day I feel like I am able to put this data to work to optimize my overall health and wellness.
Chris Irvin "The Ketologist"
Perfect Keto
This device is BEYOND everything I wanted it to be. Hats off to you and your team though this device REVOLUTIONARY to say the leas
Neo, The Keto Matrix
Ketosis may prove to be one of the best tools medicine has to offer, but doing it right is critical. BIOSENSE makes monitoring your ketones quick, easy and accurate.
Robb Wolf
Author, The Paleo Solution
Blood Meter vs BIOSENSE™

Cost Of Ownership

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Behind The Technology

BIOSENSE® provides a method accurate enough to replace blood measurements to track fat metabolism rate with a simple rate. How? Through our patented deep lung sampling process, which provides accurate and reproducible measurements by correcting for natural variations in exhalation time and lung capacity across individuals.

BIOSENSE® is the only breath monitor to provide this patented technology. Clinical data shows a high full-day correlation between blood and breath ketones.

Fat Burn

Only BIOSENSE® provides a full daily picture of the depth and duration of your ketosis, so you can see your true, fat metabolism rate.


The BIOSENSE® patented deep lung sampling technology, together with an individual factory calibration process, ensures that every device delivers precise breath ketone measurements.


BIOSENSE® lets you set a personalized goal for your daily time and depth in ketosis, represented by the BIOSENSE® Ketone Score. This is important because research suggests that a daily Ketone Score of 120 is associated with fat loss.

Personalized Insights

Easy, Accurate, and Personalized Data

track fat loss

No More Finger Pricks or Urine Sticks

Quick ketosis feedback directly on the device.
Precise, high-resolution measurements on a 0-40 scale (0-4.0mmol blood ketone equivalent), from light to advanced to deep ketosis .