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Our Vision

We formed Readout Health to deliver on the vision of creating impactful and adherent lifestyle changes by enabling consumers and patients to finally understand their personal metabolic responses to their activities throughout the day. The original idea stemmed from our founders’ personal story to create a clinical-grade solution for Type-1 diabetic children, allowing parents to non-invasively monitor for DKA. We then supported Biosense development aimed at tracking ketosis in novel reversal of Type-2 diabetes, providing an automated, full-day ketone tracking system that assists both patients, clinicians, and coaches.

After more than three years of lab development and a successful clinical trial, Biosense was launched to support in-home ketone testing. Whether patients, intermittent fasters, weight management consumers, endurance athletes, we aim to delight our customers with a personal impact, value in our technology, and superb support. We aim to treat corporate partners, investors, academic and pharma research partners, and employees for who they are – part of our family that creates the personal impact for our users. Our diverse team is community-focused, aiming to give back to the community as a 1% pledge participant.


Meet Our Team

Jim Howard

President & CEO
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Tim Ratto, PhD

Founder & Chief Scientist
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Matt Ratto, PhD

Co-Founder & CTO
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John Fadlovich

Head of Operations
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Emily Huckie

Operations Associate
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Madeline Baggett

Human Resources
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Kristin Kirkpatrick, MS, RD

Head of Precision Nutrition
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Megan Dagenais

Quality Engineer Manager
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Elisa Itkowitz

Clinical Program Director
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Carl Beverly

Client Support
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Bennett Smallwood

Sr. Product Dev. Engineer
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The Only Clinically Backed

Breath Ketone Monitor

Clinical grade ketone monitoring to help
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