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Fasting and Ketogenic Diet: Dietary Adjustments to Support Fertility

Reproductive health, for both men and women, has become an increasingly popular topic as fertility disorders have led 15% of…

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What Should My ACEs Goal Be?

Now that you’ve decided to track your fat metabolism with BIOSENSE, what ACEs level should you be targeting? As with…

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Testing Frequency: Understanding Ketone Measurements

How often should I measure my ketones? TL;DR: 3-5 times per day These days there is no shortage of dietary and…

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What if My Blood and My Breath Readings Don’t Match?

TL;DR: your blood and breath readings may not match because of time lags between blood and breath ketones or because your…

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Why are My ACEs Lower Than I expect?

TL;DR : Low numbers are completely normal! The most likely culprits for low ketone readings are too many carbs, too much…

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Structuring Diet During a Fast

Adding Fasting to Your Life? Here’s How to Fuel During Your Eating Hours You weighted the pros and con’s related…

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