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BIOSENSE™ AceAmbassador Application

Join our team and become a BIOSENSE™ AceAmbassador. We are looking for passionate, outgoing individuals that care about health, wellness, and the nutritional ketosis community. As an AceAmbassador, you have the ability to earn cash and provide your followers with unique discounts. Find out more today!

AceAmbassador Program Details
  • Earn $20 for every device sold under AceAmbassador link.
  • For a product sale to be eligible to earn a referral fee, the customer must click-through a special link from your site, email, or other communications to a Product Site and purchase the product within a specified number of days.
  • Readout Health will exclusively pay commissions on links that are automatically tracked and reported by our systems.
  • Receive 1st check after 30 devices sold.
  • You shall not make claims that Biosense is intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
  • You shall include a disclosure statement and backlink within any and all pages or posts where you use AceAmbassador links in an endorsement or review, and where it is not clear that the link is a paid advertisement.
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