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BIOSENSE® Breath Ketone Monitoring System

BIOSENSE® Breath Ketone


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  • Bluetooth enabled BIOSENSE™ Device with unlimited testing
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • 2 Replacement Mouthpieces
  • Protective neoprene sleeve
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BIOSENSE® is available to purchase in packs of 4 ($999) and 10 ($2500) for those who are interested in reselling BIOSENSE in their practice. Click the button below to purchase your clinical pack today. 

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ReCode Health Coaches can signup to become a BIOSENSE affiliate. Each BIOSENSE affiliate will receive a custom discount code and link valued at $30 off BIOSENSE device to provide to their clients. For each device sold, health coaches will receive $30.

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Your ReCODE Therapy

BIOSENSE® Supports the ReCODE Protocol By Providing All Day Feedback While Monitoring Your Ketone Levels - The Key to Insights and Adherence

ACEs Reading

Published studies and our own clinical research has shown that blood and breath ketones are closely related. While the correspondence is not 1-to-1, knowing your breath acetone concentration does allow us to make educated predictions about your blood ketone levels.

Color Indication

The BIOSENSE® device and mobile app put your measurement into context by providing a color indicator along with your ACEs reading. The vertical black bar on the results screen indicates where your measurement falls on the overall spectrum of ketosis.

Easy Synchronization

BIOSENSE® stores up to 100 measurements directly on the BIOSENSE™ device and automatically transfers the data to the  BIOSENSE® app on your phone.


Your Guide To The New CPT Codes

The 2020 CPT codes for remote patient monitoring (RPM) and ketone testing are available to support adherence to clinical programs using the BIOSENSE device, indicated for in-home ketone testing. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services recognize the importance of remote patient monitoring services, and the power it has to minimize the gaps in our current healthcare system.  

While CMS has not specified which types of technology are covered under the new CPT codes, the device used must be a medical device as defined by the FDA. 

Here’s a quick and easy guide to the new CPT codes and the national average Medicare payment.

Code Description National Average
Remote monitoring of physiological parameters

One-time initial device setup for onboarding patients including patient information
Device supply & programmed alert notification for 30-day period, billed monthly
Remote patient monitoring by physicians and QHCP

30 minutes of professional time dedicated toward a patient per 30 day period


Remote physiological monitoring by clinical staff, MD, or QHCP first 20 minutes; interactive communication
Remote physiological monitoring by clinical staff, MD, or QHCP additional 20 minutes; interactive communication

* 99457 and 99091 cannot be billed concurrently

Video Resources

BIOSENSE® Clinical Trial

BIOSENSE™ manufacturer Readout Health completed a 19-subject clinical trial in the fall of 2019. Healthy individuals were asked to simultaneously measure their blood and breath ketones 5 times per day for 14 days.

Behind The Technology

The required deep lung sampling process provides accurate and reproducible measurements by correcting for natural variations in exhalation time and lung capacity across individuals. BIOSENSE® is the only breath monitor to provide this patented technology.

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Comparing The Methods

Between breath, blood, and urine, there are many different options to choose between in order to measure elevating ketone levels throughout the day. Discover the pros and cons of each type of test and learn how BIOSENSE® stands out above the rest.

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