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Breath Biomarker Company Readout Health announces
Integrations with Apple Health and Google Fit.


ST. LOUIS, Jan 25, 2023 – Digital breath biomarker company Readout Health today announced the integrations to Apple Health and Google Fit. With the integrations, Readout Health provides its users with the ability and tools to integrate Apple Health data to their iOS application and Google Fit data to their Android application. Users will be able to visualize how their exercise and activity impacts their fat burn levels throughout the day.

The integration creates a valuable data connection between Readout Health and Apple Health + Google Fit. Now, with a user’s consent, the Biosense app can integrate fitness information into a user’s log to deliver enhanced transparency and new levels of reporting.
“The integration with Apple Health + Google Fit paves the way for further development of our in-home care platform.” says Jim Howard, CEO of Readout Health. “By completing the full integration, we’re getting out ahead of a burgeoning tech trend to help our users monitor their health like never before. We’re constantly innovating to enable users to monitor their health from every possible angle in order to ensure their weight-loss success and overall wellbeing.”

About Readout Health:

Readout Health, founded in 2018, is a digital biomarker startup building frictionless medical devices and digital therapeutics based on a patented fractionated lung sampling platform. The Company released Biosense® in 2020 as the first medical grade, portable breath ketone monitoring solution, designed to provide the full picture of fat oxidation changes leading to behavior modification in nutritional interventions of chronic disease. Biosense® is used in clinical research, clinics using ketosis therapy, and consumers in the US, Canada, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Readout’s Biosense® measurements are widely integrated into nutrition, fasting, and clinical protocol third party apps and programs. The Company is developing additional breath analyte devices in for launch in 2022 that address unmet in-home testing needs in rapidly expanding markets.

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