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Why measure Ketones during fasting?

Ketone bodies, or ketones, are energy molecules created by the liver from the breakdown of stored body fat. When we fast, or follow a low carb diet, our blood sugar and insulin levels lower.  This signals a response from our body to release stored fat so it can be used in place of sugar for energy. While much of this released fat is burned for energy, some of it travels to the liver where it is converted to ketones.  Ketones are then released into our bloodstream where they can be taken in and used for energy by nearly every cell, especially brain cells. Knowing whether your body is in a ketogenic state during a fasting routine is critical —- the Biosense™ device enables you to understand the data that matters.  

What actually happens during fasting and ketogenesis?

Fasting results in increased ketone production to provide the body with energy and signal for responses that can improve overall health and promote longevity. What makes fasting so great is that the benefits experienced during the fasting period do not disappear once you start eating again.  According to an article in NEJM, “Periodic flipping of the metabolic switch not only provides the ketones that are necessary to fuel cells during the fasting period but also elicits highly orchestrated systemic and cellular responses that carry over into the fed state to bolster mental and physical performance, as well as disease resistance.”


BIOSENSE™ Monitors Your Ketone Levels So Fasting Becomes A Breeze.


BIOSENSE™ Breath Ketone Monitoring System

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