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Ketosis Breath Device & App


  • FDA class-1 medical device, backed by the 2019 clinical trial
  • Unlimited measurements to validate fasting or carb-restrictive impact
  • In-app programs include: Weight Loss, Anti-Inflammation, Healthspan
  • Closes biofeedback loop for consumers, clinicians, and researchers
  • Features
  • Technology
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Advanced Sensors

Patented Deep Lung Sampling technology measures breath acetone levels from only the latter part of the exhalation to gain the most accurate breath acetone detection.

Elegant Design

Its sleek design fits in the palm of your hand.

Battery Life

Battery life depends on your testing frequency. With an average frequency of 3-5 times per day, your battery will last up to 5 days.

The Biosense® device uses patented Deep Lung Sampling technology to perform breath acetone measurements. The consistent sampling of only the latter part of the exhalation enables the most accurate level of breath acetone detection for nutritional ketosis monitoring. Deep lung sampling provides accurate and reproducible measurements by correcting for natural variations in exhalation time and lung capacity across individuals. Biosense® is the only breath monitor to provide this patented technology.

Recommended by Metabolic Experts

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BIOSENSE® Replacement


*Two extra mouthpieces

While your device comes equipped with a mouthpiece, you can order 2 additional ones here in case you want to replace them if they get lost, or you would like to use new ones for hygienic reasons.

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