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Fasting is trending right now. But if you think about, fasting is an evolutionary standard, and really, it’s nothing new. Our ancestors fasted by force. Food was scarce and long hours were often spend looking for food rather than eating it. Fasting has also been used in various religions, and it has even been used as a form of protest. Fasting is not new, yet our interest in it is. Perhaps that’s because fasting seems to make the most sense in world where nutrition information is confusing at best and downright wrong at its worst. Fasting works, it has tremendous benefits to health and weight management, and it can help you live longer.

We wrote about fasting in our blog (check it out here). We covered the upside to health, and broke down the various ways of doing it. That was just the tip of the fasting iceberg.

To truly fast in the most precise manner, and to get the most benefits, you need to measure it.

Recently, we launched a new feature on our Biosense app called PrecisionFast. We developed this feature after hundreds of our loyal customers asked us for a way to track fasting benefits. Though you need the Biosense device (buy it here) to interact with it, the app itself if free and usable on all android and iPhone models.

How to Use PrecisionFast

  • Download or get the Biosense app from the app store.
  • Next – determine the timing of your fast and input the data. You can do this by clicking on the plus (+) sign at the bottom of the page. For this example, we are choosing a traditional 16 hours of fasting (8 hours of eating) example.
  • As the hours pass, the fasting wheel will indicate the benefits to the body. This is determined not only by hours in the fast, but also your measurements that are communicating with the app.

What you’ll see:

  • A countdown clock in the middle of the fasting wheel
  • The time you started the fast and the time it will end
  • The range of benefits throughout the fast (you will see benefits as you move through the fasting hours, see picture below)
  • An option to end the fast early by clicking “end fast”
  • Connection status from the app to your device

How often should measurements be taken?

You can measure any time you wish to receive feedback on how your body is responding to fasting – remember with Biosense, you have access to unlimited measurements. One model to follow is to measure whenever you would normally be having a meal in order to watch your ketones climb as you continue to fast.

Keep in mind that your ketone levels and potential benefits will vary by person.

For example, someone who eats an abundant amount of carbohydrate, from any source, will take longer to see an increase in ketones, and thus, longer to reach maximum benefit. That’s because the body will deplete every drop of glucose (derived from carbohydrates including sugar) before tapping into fat.

We recommended a few dietary approaches during your feasting hours that we like here.

Once you get the hang of the new feature, you can structure your fast so that it works for YOU.

Have more questions? Get in touch with us here!

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