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Biosense Sensor Recalibration Program

To ensure medical grade accuracy, sensor testing is suggested every 6 months.  Over time, a sensor may become saturated with environmental contaminants that can cause your sensor to “drift”.  You can think about it like resetting a clock: while you set the time accurately when you first receive the clock, as time passes, it can gradually drift by a few minutes, and eventually needs to be reset.

Signs that it may be time to recalibrate your Biosense sensor:

  • 6 months since your last calibration
  • Consistently measuring 0 ACEs

Service Process:
You will receive an email from us every 6 months to notify you that it is time to test your Biosense. You can also reach out to to request Biosense sensor testing proactively. Testing will be completed by trained technicians to determine whether your sensor needs to be recalibrated.  You will follow the below steps.

We provide you with a shipping label for you to send Biosense back to us.

We test your device and recalibrate the sensor if required to ensure medical grade accuracy.

We send Biosense back to you.

This process can take from 6-10 days.

Sensor recalibrations are covered within your 1-year warrantee. Any sensor recalibrations that fall outside of the 1-year warrantee time frame will cost $74.99.

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