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Value Based Care - Biosense®
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On average, obesity-related conditions cost payers an additional $3,500 per obese adult each year. This high healthcare cost – paired with the disruptive health effects of obesity and related conditions – elevates the demand for proactive protocols.

Biosense provides clinical-grade ketone monitoring to decrease healthcare costs, increase patient satisfaction, and reduce the prevalence of life-threatening illnesses in the population.

With Biosense’s Ketosis Protocol Program, clinics can take complete advantage of a unique value-based care program where they are incentivized for their patients’ improved outcomes. These benefits change the way clinicians provide care, focusing on a results-driven approach that benefits not only the patient, but the practice as a whole.

At Biosense, we understand that the healthcare landscape is continuously evolving. Therefore, we stand at the forefront of value-based healthcare ready to help practices everywhere adapt to change and take advantage of value-based models as a long-term investment in patient and community wellness.

Current and Potential Healthcare Benefits of Biosense

  • Decrease risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Reverse type 2 diabetes
  • Treat epilepsy
  • Reduce risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Prevent cancer
  • Aid in cancer treatment
  • Prevent cognitive degeneration
  • Improve mental clarity

Biosense introduces a new age of preventive medicine. With precision fasting and precision nutrition, patients get real-time insights into their exact metabolic state, helping them understand the effects that eating, sleeping, exercising and fasting have on their body.

Together with their provider, patients can determine a health plan that works best for them for targeting and meeting specific health goals. The Biosense app and device are a toolkit that aid patients along their path to mental and physical wellness.

Start implementing Biosense’s Ketosis Protocol into your value-based program today.


Lower costs and better outcomes


Higher patient satisfaction rates


Stronger cost controls and reduced risks


Reduced healthcare spending and better quality of life

See Biosense In Action

To request more information and a demo, please submit your contact details below:

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