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Research shows that most people who use a diet to lose weight regain most or all of it back, suggesting that diets alone are not enough to result in long-term, sustainable weight loss. Biosense® provides clinical-grade ketone monitoring to help your clients achieve their goals.

When it comes to your client’s weight loss habits, are you seeing the whole picture? Get real-time insights into the exact metabolic state of your clients after they eat, exercise, sleep and fast.

Biosense® allows for an easy-to-implement Metabolic Monitoring protocol that will enable you to seamlessly connect with your patients while tracking their progress toward a specified goal.

While making positive changes to benefit overall health is an easy choice, adopting a new lifestyle program can be overwhelming. To make things easy for your patients and improve compliance, we walk you through key phases to help align your clinic’s strategies to your patients’ needs.

Biosense® In Your Clinic

Biosense® offers weight loss programs as an option for a customizable design and protocol. Your organization can customize clinic content through the app based on your specific protocols and send site-specific push notifications.

Our remote patient monitor qualifies for remote patient monitoring (RPM) reimbursement. Patients will receive a cohort code with specific and customizable nudges directly from you.

Patient Result Sharing

After each measurement, your patients have the opportunity to share their results with you by clicking the Share button below their chart. Sharing results and being honest about the patient experience is an integral component of the Biosense® program. It allows both the patient and their provider to measure success against daily habits, seeing what works and what doesn’t for each person individually.

Part of Our Community

When you integrate Biosense® into your practice, you join a health and education community dedicated to both your and your client’s success. We will always keep you updated on best practices with frequent webinars and updated resources designed to keep you in the know.

See Biosense® In Action

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