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A New Standard in Breath Ketone Monitoring

Metabolic Ketone Sampling Collected in Real Time

Whether you’re actively treating patients or seeking actionable insights for an ongoing trail, the Breath Ketone Monitor and connected mobile app from Biosense™ gives clinicians the real time feedback and multiple touchpoints to assess metabolic health across a range of modalities.

Better Data Drives Better Outcomes
Until now, metabolic ketone testing has failed to deliver data in a format, frequency and resolution that allows clinicians to drive actionable decisions in real time. Biosense delivers the accurate breath ketone data across a broad range of ketone levels using a handheld device and app that allows for high frequency sampling and real time data collection for clinical testing or medical assessments.

Reliable Performance Across Multiple Clinical Applications
From health organizations and weight loss clinics, to population health management and clinical trial design, Biosense’s clinical platform integrates seamlessly to deliver clinical-grade, high-resolution remote ketone monitoring to track specific ketosis trends in remote test subjects.

Explore customized ketone monitoring solutions for:
– Weight loss clinics
– Health care organizations
– Value based care / population health
– Clinical trials

Proven Results Backed By Research

Discover how remote breath ketone monitoring with deep lung air sampling compared to standard blood ketone monitoring. See how breath ketones can provide accurate insight into the metabolic state of your patients and how they correlate with standard blood ketone monitoring.


Clinical Partners & Integrations

See Biosense In Action

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