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Emilia Clarke
BIOSENSE allows us clinicians and our patients to go beyond the practice of “eating less, exercise more.” The data we receive from BIOSENSE provides better program adherence, patient satisfaction, and the insight of how different interventions influence weight and overall health.
Brandy Wiltermuth, ARNP
Medical Director
Emilia Clarke
I was fortunate enough to use the BIOSENSE device while following the Prolon diet and it really helped me stay true to the fast. The data BIOSENSE provides was helpful to me and I was able to compete with myself each day.
Sita Kedia, MD, MPH, FAHS
Chief Medical Officer
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BIOSENSE® is committed to providing clinicians and academic institutions with the best tools and data possible to reinforce your studies and provide the best care to your patients. Inquire today and discover the benefits of joining the BIOSENSE® team of clinicians!

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