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Meet Bill

Bill is an animal nutrition scientist who recently made the switch to the keto diet and fasting in his journey to becoming healthier. “It has become a part of my journey,” says Bill. “I have been taking 5-6 readings per day over the last month and the device is a wonderful tool as I am trying to improve my health, lose weight and remain in ketosis by living a ketogenic lifestyle.”  Bill has been successful, having already lost 45 pounds with BIOSENSE.

“I am a big fan of the BIOSENSE device. I wish to encourage others, like myself, who want an easy, reliable, and painless way to measure levels of ketosis. Hopefully my experience will show how this tool can be used to track progress with food and lifestyle choices on this journey.”

– Bill S.




How does he do it?



“I have combined fasting protocols with a ketogenic lifestyle, and I have thrown in a reasonable amount of exercise to help.”



As a naturally data-driven person, Bill utilizes the graphing feature in the BIOSENSE app to track his ketones throughout the day. He has found that an extensive fasting routine works best for him. The Fasting Method and the IDM community has assisted Bill with his fasting protocol. Bill commits to a 42-hour fast from Sunday night through Tuesday morning, breaking it with a primarily ketogenic diet consisting of fatty meats and non-root vegetables. Then, he jumps back into the fast, this one spanning 72-hours from Wednesday through Friday.



The Evidence!



bill biosense data



Bill’s journey with BIOSENSE has left him more informed than ever. Look at those 40’s! Bill loves looking at his weekly graphs because he can always find insight into how his journey is progressing. Thanks to the BIOSENSE data, Bill is able to directly correlate his fasting with his ketone levels. From his first fast beginning on Sunday, his ketone levels rise until he breaks his fast on Tuesday, which causes his ketones to drop. Then, he begins his second fast and his ketones begin to rise again.



Favorite part of BIOSENSE?



“I find it interesting that each subsequent 72-hr fasted week, my ACEs get higher till the last week where they max out the BIOSENSE device!” Bill expressed his appreciation for the ability to check his levels frequently throughout the day, and loves how it allows him to see his body react to his fast in real-time. “I also am able to get to higher ACEs levels faster each week. This tells me that my body is becoming more adapted to using fat as its energy source. I have been using my device for several months and it has been an extremely useful tool for my weight loss journey.” Being able to conveniently and frequently check his ketones enables Bill to make these realizations and help him continue to advance his amazing journey.



The Science



Fasting is one of the many ways to increase your ketones, and it has been proven that when you fast, your body’s concentration of readily available glucose drops, switching your body into a primarily fat-burning mode. While Bill’s fasting routine is extensive, a recent study found that on average over a 12 week study period, even daily intermittent fasting resulted in a 3% loss of body weight (1). Bill trusted his method and the BIOSENSE data, stuck to his plan, and the results spoke for themselves.




1 – University of Illinois at Chicago. “Daily fasting works for weight loss, finds report on 16:8 diet.” ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 18 June 2018. <>.


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