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Consumer Spotlight: Meet Michele

Michele Wilkes is an accountant with All-In Accounting Solutions in St. Louis. She has extensive experience living a low-carb eating lifestyle and most recently discovered how using Biosense® along with it can be a powerful tool in the prevention of…

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Consumer Spotlight: Meet Mindy

Mindy Faber is the co-founder and executive director of Convergence Design Lab in Chicago. Mindy has been an avid user of Bisense since July. Here she explains how Biosense® helped her reclaim control of her health, has kept her feeling…

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Consumer Spotlight: Meet Graham

Graham Mackenzie is a realtor from Boise, Idaho, an endurance and ultra-marathon runner, and a dedicated user of Biosense® for the past year. Here he reveals how he got started on Biosense® and the low-carb, fat burn lifestyle, how it…

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Ketones & Fasting: A 72-Hour Self-Experiment

Dr. Al Danenberg, a nutritional periodontist fighting his battle against cancer, shares his powerful, personal experience with water fasting. Dr. Danenberg was diagnosed with incurable bone marrow cancer in 2018. During his cancer journey, he conducts a monthly 72-hour water…

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