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Your Biosense® can usually be used approximately 10 times before it needs to be charged.  Then you will want to plug the unit into an energy source with the provided USB cable. You may want to charge it overnight regularly so you know it will be ready when you are.

✔ Make sure you do not have anything to eat or drink (besides water or black coffee) 1 hour prior to using Biosense® to protect the special sensor.

✔ When testing your ketones, take a regular breath in and then blow into the unit with the same force you would use to blow up a balloon until the end of the vibration.

✔ Remove the mouthpiece and clean it using a simple dish soap. Clean at least once per week and store the device in the mylar bag the device came in. This protects it from potential exposure to chemicals that may damage the sensor.


Don’t clean the mouthpiece with alcohol or any harsh chemicals. It may create false readings from the sensor.

Don’t let the device sit in direct sunlight, overheat in high temperatures, or get exposed to rain or inclement weather.

Don’t expect higher ketones immediately after waking up.  Ketone production usually slows during sleep and rises as you become active.

Don’t forget to track your exercise and fasting in the app. The app offers support with activities that will help you achieve your health goals.
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