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Article authored by Readout Health with editorial oversight from Chief Medical Officer, Naomi Parrella, M.D.

Starting something new is always easier if you plan in advance. You’ve likely heard the saying, “Failing to plan is planning to fail”. And, the reality is, it can be really time consuming searching for recipes, meal plans, low carb prepared foods and the like, so that you can then make sure you shop for and have on hand what you need to prepare your daily meals.  That’s why we created this article!   This  quick keto/low carb kickstart guide provides links to all kinds of resources that will help you prepare for a successful transition to your new new low carb, fat burning eating plan.


Clean Up Your Kitchen

Let’s start with getting rid of any of the foods that will likely sabotage your success by Slimming Down Your Kitchen for Summer.


A Plan to Kickstart Your First 2 Weeks

Removing processed sugars from your diet can be really tough for some people when it comes to preparing meals.  Flour, oats,  honey, refined sugars, and so much more, which at one time may have been a staple in most recipes, are suddenly… gone.  Fortunately, there are many who have traveled this path before you and developed delicious low carb recipes to help you quickly find new ways to eat healthy and low carb while satisfying cravings.  Start your first 2 weeks of low carb eating with our Keto Meal Plan: 14 Days of Delicious Low Carb Recipes.


Satisfy Your Need for Variety

If you are used to variety in your meals, you may feel restricted initially without the foundational ingredients of your prior higher carb meals.  Fortunately, we can help you with even more great recipes like these: Keto Breakfast: 30 Perfect Recipes To Burn Fat, Low Carb Recipes: 50 tasty Ways to Stay in Fat Burning Mode, and Keto Ground Beef Recipes: 45 Protein Packed Ways to Lose Weight.


Handle Snack Attacks the Low Carb Way

For you snackers (yes, you can snack and still burn fat), check out Keto Snacks: 50 Tasty Recipes for Maximum Fat Burning and Low Carb Snacks: 50 Mouth Watering Recipes.


Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Do you consider desserts mandatory?  Not to worry, we have lot of options for you, too: Keto Desserts: 50 Decadent Recipes.


Prepared Foods that Can Support Your Success

Not everyone has time to cook everything from scratch.  So, what prepared foods can you enjoy and still stay on track with your diet goals?  For the following foods, the team members in our St. Louis office tried out the products below and then tested our ketones.  They tasted great and did not kick us out of ketosis.  We do not have an affiliate relationship with any of them, however, we like them so much, we eat them ourselves!  So, you may want to keep these  snacks handy the next time you’re wanting a chocolaty treat, a crunchy, flavorful bar, a rich creamer for your morning coffee, a stack of fluffy pancakes, and more!

  • Ketobrick – A pure fat bomb in the form of a brick our team has been using for two years.  Great flavor and perfect to keep fat intake appropriately higher when typical essential fat is not around.  A staple in the Readout Health / Biosense office.
  • Keho Life – We tried four flavors of these high-fiber, low net carb “meal” bars.  We found only a minimal decrease in ketone levels while still keeping us in ketosis.  Much like sweetened keto bars, these offer real-food flavors like tex-mex and curry, perfect to stuff in a glove compartment or summer snacks to go.
  • Ketobrainz – We love this type of product.  With standard MCT powder, we use this in our coffee every day since it has lion’s mane.  It has become the go-to coffee addition that has become a necessity.
  • Nush Foods – Some of our team tried the Blueberry and Banana Nut single serving cakes.  Neither kicked any of us out of ketosis, and the taste is what you would hope it would be for those with a sweet tooth. A few team members tried the pancakes and quite liked them. We call this the “metabolically correct Twinkie.”
  • Bariatrix Nutrition is a special line of high protein, low sugar foods available to individuals working with a healthcare provider to lose weight.  Check with your physician to see if meal replacements and snacks from this company meet your specific dietary needs.

Lastly, we recommend you access The Ultimate Beginners Guide to the Ketogenic Diet with Dr. Dominic D’Agostino on YouTube for some great insights if you’re just starting out (even if you’re focused on a low carb vs a keto diet, you will get a lot of great tips).

Let us know if you found this article helpful and what other areas we can discuss to support you on your fat burning journey.

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